Horse boarding refers to housing your horse at a facility that is managed by another individual for a fee. Boarding a horse entails entering into an agreement where we at Amigos Horse Riding provide your horse with certain care and housing in exchange for a fixed amount of money, usually a monthly fee. Additionally, we provide other services on an ""as needed"" basis for a fee. Amigos Horse Riding’s boarding arrangements are customized based on the needs of each horse and owner.

"You should board your horse if you do not have a place to house it on your property, want access to amenities that you wouldn’t normally have access to (e.g. arenas and trails), or if you want to have easier access to trainers and instructors.

We at Amigos Horse Riding will take care of your horses' daily needs based on the type of board you choose, which allows you to take a vacation or skip out on barn chores if you have a heavy workload. Additionally, our facilities for caring for horses are top-notch and of the highest quality, especially with an owner who has extensive expertise and passion for horses. There will be no need for you to worry about your horse, as we are able to board more than 70 horses in our stable.